What's your favourite hack during the confinement?

Are you being creative at home with music hacks? Let us know what you’re up to!

got a bit of DIY to do first, but contemplating building a baby-8 sequencer if this drags on (as seems pretty likely)

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Like this one? https://www.rakits.co.uk/product/baby8-sequencer/

Let us know how you get on, looks pretty versatile and fun – and affordable also!

yes - that sort of thing, but might try to breadboard and build from scratch - there are quite a lot of schematics about online to make it slightly more robust and a bit more versatile in stuff like step length…

if it doesn’t work out, I’ll order one of the Rakit kits I expect!

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trying to get a release out of the 2.0.0 firmware for 16n. It’s written, the secret other half of it is also written, and now just need to shoot a damn film about it around other things. So very nearly there.

yeah, and there are lots of alternative ways to play with it; the Rakit one is generating clock from an op-amp configured as a PWM wave (and then possibly using the spare LM324 gates for buffering); you could equally use a 555 there. And there’s lots of choice about how you implement the various features. The key is the CD4017 counter - everything else around that is kinda up to you. It’s also a fun project to learn circuit layout with, if you’re interested.

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thanks, yeah - I was looking at this one perhaps!


Hey infovore, welcome! and thanks for sharing. What’s new in the 16n 2.0.0 firmware?

A significant and breaking change to how it’s configured by the end-user going forward, which will make an awful lot of people a lot happier, I hope, and involve fewer people futzing around with the Arduino IDE. (No spoilers, I’ll dump the preview video here when it’s done.)

great, looking forward to seeing the video!

Sam Aaron’s due to release Sonic Pi v3.2.1 tomorrow, Friday 3 April. During self-isolation I’ve contributed a few memory allocation improvement patches that made it into this release. :slight_smile:

You’re welcome to hear about some of my hacks in a “Music Experiments in Sonic Pi” segment at the London Ruby User Group’s online meetup next Monday 6 April. For details, and free registration, see: http://lrug.org/meetings/2020/april/


here you go:

demo really begins about a minute in.

full details at the official thread over on lines

Thanks for sharing, and congrats!