What workshops would people like to see?

We’re planning a new series of Max workshops, but beyond that, what would people like to attend?

Hello! Johann Diedrick here, I’ve hosted workshops with Music Hackspace in the past :slight_smile:

I’d love to host a Indoor Soundscape workshop that serves to give people an opportunity to explore the interior sounds of self-isolation/quarantine while also giving them an introduction to audio editing/soundscape production. My idea of the workshop would be:

  1. Introduce people to soundscapes in a short lecture/presentation

  2. Invite people explore their homes/apartments and record sounds with their phones/recording devices

  3. Come back together and give a short workshop on how to do audio editing in Audacity

  4. Let people upload their recordings to a shared drive (Dropbox/Google Drive) and give them time to put together a soundscape with everyone’s recordings

  5. Share with each other our soundscapes!

If this is something MH would like to coordinate, please let me know!

All the best,

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Do you think it would work online? Happy to help kickstart it and support with tech set up.

Yeah! I designed it using a group Zoom call in mind. I think as described it should work :slight_smile:

Great, let’s take this offline and discuss!

Great! Feel free to reach out - jo@aquiet.life

Hi Jean, im really interested in a follow up to the Max & Node.js sessions only more directed towards ui using the jsui object in Max (sketch or mgraphics in js) they would complement each other and are niche in terms of learning the basics.Thanks, Brodie.

Thanks Brodie. We do have another Max and Node.js coming up with @cassiel but it’s not really what you need. Let’s see what Nick says, perhaps we can schedule a workshop with JSUI in the near future!

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Am happy to think about doing a JSUI workshop, though it would need mapping out, and it’s not totally clear who would want what out of it. It could be oriented towards interface design, or towards simple 2D or 3D graphics for people who don’t want to get into Jitter OpenGL, or towards patcher scripting and control. So I’d need to think about the best combination of features that would fit into a workshop.

It sounds like general tricks with JSUI to build user interfaces for Max patches would be useful to many Max users, especially if they want to create Max for Live devices, what do you think?

I’m not aware of much going on with JSUI interfaces in Max for Live - so yes, maybe it’s worth investigating. I’ll do some research and see if I can come up with an outline for a workshop.