What workshops would people like to see?

We’re planning a new series of Max workshops, but beyond that, what would people like to attend?

Hello! Johann Diedrick here, I’ve hosted workshops with Music Hackspace in the past :slight_smile:

I’d love to host a Indoor Soundscape workshop that serves to give people an opportunity to explore the interior sounds of self-isolation/quarantine while also giving them an introduction to audio editing/soundscape production. My idea of the workshop would be:

  1. Introduce people to soundscapes in a short lecture/presentation

  2. Invite people explore their homes/apartments and record sounds with their phones/recording devices

  3. Come back together and give a short workshop on how to do audio editing in Audacity

  4. Let people upload their recordings to a shared drive (Dropbox/Google Drive) and give them time to put together a soundscape with everyone’s recordings

  5. Share with each other our soundscapes!

If this is something MH would like to coordinate, please let me know!

All the best,

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Do you think it would work online? Happy to help kickstart it and support with tech set up.

Yeah! I designed it using a group Zoom call in mind. I think as described it should work :slight_smile:

Great, let’s take this offline and discuss!

Great! Feel free to reach out - jo@aquiet.life