Tips for live streaming

Great article for those who want to live stream from home with good audio quality. We will likely use that setup for our meetup on Thursday.


I researched a few systems and currently set on using OBS in conjunction with Skype, with NDI enabled. Happy to share more if anyone’s interested, and we’ll have our baptism of fire on Thursday!

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Does anyone know how to broadcast a live mix (just audio from a computer) to a small audience, using a simple open source software without using third party website such as youtube / twitch?
OBS seems nice, but it seems to overkill it a bit as I don’t need to stream video.

By the way there is also this guide on RA:

Thanks for posting that link, great resource.
Very good question about broadcasting audio only. I’ve come across rocket broadcaster in this video tutorial by Mike Russell: Only for Windows, but free IIUC.

I’m not sure whether OBS on its own would be sufficient anyway, you need a host receiving the audio stream and broadcast from OBS.

Indeed OBS needs third party website.
I am having a look at those protocols right know: HPS, RTMP, WebRTC.
I remember experimenting with a friend in the 2000s and managed to broadcast audio on internet with Linux, but it took us days to set it up at that time! I am really surprised there doesn’t seem to be an easy and straightforward way to do it with mutliplatform support AND open source in 2020 to be honest!