Looking for developers in the music/tech space - interested?

Hi Everyone -

I run an agency here in the UK whose recent clients cover anyone from the Spice Girls and Robbie Williams at the #1 pop end through to Run The Jewels, Freddie Gibbs, Underworld, Moby and more. Our labels clients include Warp, LuckyMe, Partisan, Mexican Summer, Mass Appeal and Lex, among others.

We have a couple of projects we are looking to make happen for our clients, so are keen to find developers who may be interested in working with us. One involves a Twilio-based experience, the other re-designing a classic arcade game to suit the band in question. TBH though, those are just the current two examples; we’re forever coming up with other ideas and would love to have developers we can chat to to make great, creative concepts come to life for our clients.

Interested? If so, drop me a DM and perhaps we can chat more then.

Thanks and have a great weekend,


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Hey sounds cool, sent you a DM! :wave::mailbox_with_mail: