Job Opportunity

Sound Technician, Bureau of Silly Ideas
4 weeks, £3000
Deadline for applications: 16th April

Bureau of Silly ideas is looking for a sound technician to join the team to help create a large scale superfiction based around massive marble runs, facilitated by an obscure department of the United Nations that help members of the public become inspired through play and supplies marbles to world leaders that have lost theirs. The work will be linked across platforms featuring an interactive outdoor experience.

The sound technician will work closely with the team to develop various technical elements of the show, including integrating sound elements into the four large set piece marble runs that make up the main elements if the show, working with contact mics and AV tech. It will also include rigging the sound for the final show.

The project starts in late April, and set will need to be ready by the end of May with the main show in mid-August.

The fee is £3000 for an expected 4 weeks work

The call is open to people of any background, although we are particularly keen to hear from people from ethnically diverse backgrounds and LGBTQ+

Please send a letter of introduction, CV to: