[Call for Participation] Online Workshop on Musical Interfaces Design - have fun and get £20!

Dear all,

I am a research student from Centre for Digital Music, Queen Mary University of London. I want to invite you to join an online workshop study about the use of deformable input in musical interfaces design.

This study will take approximately 90 - 120 minutes (depending on the size of the group), and you will receive £20 for your time.

Participants should have at least some experience in making and/or playing any kind of musical instrument. Please fill in this form to let me know about your background, experience and availability: https://forms.gle/XcBpwbt1Xv9ucD1c9

The study will take place on Zoom during May -June 2020. If you have any questions please contact Jianing Zheng at jianing.zheng@qmul.ac.uk

It would be great if you could help to spread out!

Thanks for your interest in this study!

thanks for sharing, looks super interesting.

Thanks for your interests!