Any chance of later start times on workshops?

Hello there,
I’m really excited by the online workshops - but I’m one of the lucky ones still working during the pandemic - and at 6pm, I’m usually still at work, or at best, just starting my commute.

I was wondering if there would be any interest in them starting a little later in the evening? Or ideally, being available on the weekends, too?

I realise you can’t tailor things to suit individual needs and if 6pm on weekdays is best for the majority of people, then who am I to argue! If there’s other folks who’d be into this though, I’d be very happy.

I signed up to the intro to Max course and missed the whole thing. I’ve hovered my mouse over the buy buttons for the Jitter course and Ned Rush’s course, but I just know I won’t get the most out of them.

Like I say - not trying to have the world re-arranged to suit me - just wondering whether there’s others who feel the same. :slight_smile:


Hi Miller!
Thanks for sharing this and curious to see what others would think too. Finding the right time is a challenge as we have participants in all time zones.

We do have many workshops at the weekend though (such as Ned’s). We also record the workshops and will edit the recordings for future viewing so maybe that might work better for you?

Would love to get more to chime here as well, as we might start doing more time zone specific workshops.

Hi folks !

I live in France and I am very interested in being able to follow the workshops but unfortunately I am never available at the times announced.

I think the idea of ​​recording and offering the workshop as a download is a great idea, even at the same price.

Best !